This tutorial assumes you are familiar with git commands, npm , AWS and you have a working web app that is ready to be deployed. The goal of setting up the CI/CD pipeline is to deploy your Web app to AWS S3 everytime a commit is made to the master branch.

CI/CD workflow

Understanding CI/CD

CI/CD comprises series of steps that are going to be executed automatically every single time we make a change to the code and then push those changes up to GitHub.

The goal of CI/ CD is to make sure that any time we make changes to the code, we…

Recently, I started using React Storybook for a React app that I’ve been building. In this post, I’ll share my learning on component sharing using storybook and hopefully will encourage you to consider using Storybook in your next react project.

Storybook in a nutshell

Storybook is an open source tool for building UI components and pages in isolation. You will be able to develop your UI components in isolation without needing to start up a complex dev stack.

Why Material UI?

Material-UI is a React component library based on Google Material Design, which allows for faster and easier stylized web development. …

Connect your React App with different API endpoints for your dev/local, QA and production builds

In this article we are going to learn how to configure multiple environments in a single React application. For example, you might want your dev environment connected to your dev API Endpoint, QA to QA endpoint and production to a production endpoint. We could solve this by using a single .env file but, each time you push your code to specific environments you need to remember to change the endpoint values, which is a slight headache and can be error prone. Let’s see how we can solve this!

Ninu Varghese

Manager, Information Technology at University of Toronto

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